“No matter how you feel - get up, dress up, show up and never give up.”

Remember back when you were a child you were made to believe that a terrifying monster lived right under your bed – ready to attack you if you didn’t eat your broccoli or slept late?

How naïve were you to think all of this was hokum! It was only when you had grown up that you realised how real the monster was and how it lived within you, in your head and not under your bed.

Depression and Anxiety are the two sides of the same coin and like a viral bout of fever are just ailments. There are no rising temperatures that mercury can record nor is there any nausea or rashes. But there are wounds on the soul which are just invisible to the naked eye.

Being a life coach and a keynote speaker, I have often been asked what causes depression and anxiety disorders in us humans.

No one knows exactly what causes depression. People with anxiety disorders or phobias spend most of their lives in an agitated state. Such people do not choose melancholy. They do not choose to be depressed and yet they are.

depressionDepression can run in the genetics. Butmost often, stressful life events like loneliness or the loss of someone important, unemployment, or childbirth may play a part in the onset of depression.

Anxiety isn’t just about irrational fear and worry. One cultivates insomnia and starts having disturbed sleeping patterns. A person in depression feels worthless and can’t concentrate on anything due to an unstable nerve. Depression can eventually take a huge emotional toll not just on your mental health but your physical well being, too.

So it becomes essential to learn how to manage your fears and panic attacks. There are several ways in which you can cope with your anxiety issues better.

Yes! There are several antidepressant medications that can be prescribed to you to treat your depression. But as a life coach, I feel there are better and deeper ways to treat your soul.



First and foremost, education for people with depression is extremely valuable. So start by locating what triggers your panic attacks and

strongerwriting them down in a journal. Search for a pattern in them. Knowing what causes the anxiety can help you have a greater control over your problems which may in turn reduce your feelings of helplessness. Block out all the negative vibes and try your best to maintain a positive attitude. Accept that you cannot control everything and welcome humour into your life. Invest time in doing things that can help you become more mindful. Listen to good music, read your favourite book or watch a light-hearted movie. More the mindfulness, the better you learn to take control of your emotions.

Consecutively, make positive changes in your everyday lifestyle. Eat well-balanced meals and cut down on alcohol and caffeine as these tend to aggravate your anxiety attacks. Get a good sleep and take rest when you need some.

Meditation can work wonders for your disturbed soul and help you relax and make decisions better. It can ease your anxiety and improve your life significantly. Exercising can help you fight off most kinds of anxiety disorders, too. Exercise helps release important chemicals in your body which in turn helps you relax. Taking a brisk walk or doing a sprint in the open air can not only be beneficial for your body but can heal you from within, too.

While these can help, you can also choose to talk to someone. Reach out to your friends and family and ask them for their help. If you fear being judged by the people who know you, you can also choose to get professional help. You can find a therapist or a life coach who will focus more on a candid conversation. This might help you give vent to all the bottled up emotions within you. However, getting an appointment with a mental health professional isn’t the end to it. You need to be unabashedly honest and engage yourself actively in your therapy sessions to get the best out of them.

freedomJust remember, Depression or Anxiety is like any other illness. It is curable and certainly not a sign of weakness.

So take all the time to heal. Everybody around you can wait.

To find real joy and happiness is to have that unfulfilled feeling that is felt inside, fulfilled by knowing what we are individually here on earth to do. Depression also comes from not knowing what to do in life. That is my main objective to be able to help people do that, to know what it is they are here to do. I'm not a therapist as such, but someone who has found my formulas for success, in knowing what I'm here on earth to do.


I want to emphasise that we all have our own fingerprints and DNA for a reason. Let me help you find out what it is you are here to do from deep within yourself.



Lavern Brown

Lavern Brown is a former lecturer who has found his niche in writing. He’s one of the bestselling authors under the genre of Life Coaching Books and is best known for penning down The You Within You

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