How to Express Yourself More to Others?


Most of us feel insecure about ourselves. As a result, we become shy and start to bottle up our emotions and build insurmountable walls around us thus affecting our personal as well as our work life. The more you choose to shut yourself up, the worse it is for your mental as well as your physical well being.

When you are suffering from painful and insecure thoughts, you may feel that you are the only one having such thoughts and end up loathing yourself more.

As a motivational keynote speaker, many a times I have been asked about the ways in which a person can express oneself better.

Sometimes we feel insecure due to our fears. So my first advice to you would be to understand the things that scare you the most and note them down. Part of the battle is won once you are able to jot down your fears as that is the first step towards overcoming your insecurities. Once done, try to think them over. Ask yourself whether your fears are rational and try to justify them. Secondly, try to have a more positive approach towards life. Yes! You can’t be perfect. But that’s how all human beings (instead of we humans) are supposed to be. Each one of us is unique in our own way and has our own share of virtues.

Always keep in mind that all your insecurities stem from negative thoughts, fears, and doubts. So stop being a harsh critic and try to remind yourself of your strengths. Learn to accept your flaws and embrace your imperfections. Love yourself for the person you are instead of mentally berating yourself continuously. You are important to yourself if not to anyone else. Keep that in mind and treat yourself with utmost care.

Remember, the more you talk to people, the more they share how they overcame their fears which in turn will help you heal better. You can also try listening to life coaches and their take on hindrances faced by most.

Expressing emotions doesn’t always need to be done verbally. You can express yourself through painting, through writing, or through any other form of art. You can try yoga, too. What matters is unlocking the door within you (instead of cage) and letting all your emotions loose. That might help you find your inner voice and help you emerge stronger than before.

Having said that, do not make the mistake of brooding over trivial matters. It’s good to be thoughtful, but start to speak up without over-thinking.

Of course! It is certainly not as easy as it sounds. Initially, it will be scary and you will continue to have doubts of being judged.

But if you are comfortable in your own skin, what light others see you in or what opinion they hold of you will cease to bother you. Block all the pessimism and think of all the like-minded people whom you can surround yourself with and can connect with.

Understand this - Although every individual is unique and complete in one’s own way, yet we need to interact with one another to find fulfillment in our lives. So break loose and let all things go. Give vent to all that is within you. You will not regret it. You have my word.

Have you ever felt like you were holding back your words? What helped you?

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Lavern Brown

Lavern Brown is a former lecturer who has found his niche in writing. He’s one of the bestselling authors under the genre of Life Coaching Books and is best known for penning down The You Within You

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