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The You Within - Book Cover


Great book. If you want to feel ‘special’, you need to read this book!!!! Never realised how unique I actually am as an individual, but as the book says ...my fingerprint and DNA tells me I am. A brilliant read and truly inspiring book. I feel anything is achievable if I use the tools I have within me to do so, this book has helped me find these tools and given me the confidence I very much needed. Thank you

– Carla Louise , East Midlands


This book will help you to get to know who you really are and change your life. In a world where people are often lost and find themselves at a crossroad this book with it’s easy to understand and excellent formulas to apply within your daily life, give you the tools to know and understand who you really are. A definite must read!

– Kerry Marie , Northamptonshire


Having been use to being told what to do and how high to jump it seems from an early age, this book was recommended to me to read. It has helped change my life. I feel as though now I am of value in life, and getting to know who I am. Great book.

– John , Nottingham


I wish I had read this book sooner. I’ve always felt that something inside as it says in the book, trying to break free, but didn’t know what it was. It makes sense to me now. I’ve been applying the formulas and it’s helping to change my life for the better. I really feel as though for the first time in my life I’m getting to know the real me. Thank you

– Danny , Sheffield

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The You Within - Book Cover



“This book teaches the simple secrets of success when dealing with builders. It is filled with fun-packed, real-life stories that will amuse and educate you. It’s full of practical information in “layman's language” on how to negotiate and protect yourself from possibly painful situations. If you’re serious about saving yourself time and money, you’ve got to read this book.” - Robert G. Allen, bestselling author of the New York Times bestsellers, Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and Multiple Streams of Income.



Useful if you’re new to dealing with builders or unsure of yourself. Lavern knows his stuff, he should do he comes from the industry.

– Ian H


This is an extremely funny book. We want the sequel did Billy Bone Idol become a bricklayer or continue in his career doing random catherine wheel displays and can you include the Bruiser photo with PC Nick Nick. It is full of useful tips so have decided to get some more as xmas presents. Yes I know it's only June but I'm getting them now!

– Terri


After relying on other people and not really knowing much about the building trade I was wide open to be ripped off. This book gave me the confidence and knowledge to get the work done knowing I was calling the shots, not the builder. Throughout the book the author gives real life examples of how he has seen people being ripped off and he gives you the steps to stop it from happening to you. The stories were funny and kept you interested and you wanted to keep reading. It is clear from reading it that the author is an experienced professional in this field.

From the simplest of jobs to the harder building jobs this book has it covered. It is about time we had somebody out there looking out for us and not trying to rip us off.

This book is a must for anyone who is dealing with builders, with up to date knowledge and facts oh and the humour is an extended bonus.

I would highly recommend this.

– Tracey



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